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Julie Starling's Gallery

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Transparent Flamingo (Interactive)

Project 2
For the second painting, I decided to make use of the landscape greens available with the Cobalt Blue and paint a flamingo on location. To save time and so that I could focus solely on capturing color while at the zoo, I traced a flamingo from one of my sketchbooks onto tracing paper and transferred it onto a 9” x 12” block of Arches Cold-Pressed paper with graphite paper. Once at the National Zoo in the shady spot near the flamingo area, I put out the Interactive colors, except white, onto a plastic watercolor palette with wells. I wet the background and mixing lots of transparent wash, proceeded to work wet in wet. As the paper began to dry, I added stronger and stronger hues for the grasses. Then I painted the flamingo, going back in with a wet brush to soften edges periodically. I splattered and dry brushed the sandy soil to give it texture and then finished by refining the flamingo. Interactive worked fine as a watercolor, but because the colors are so intense, it does require extra care and a lot of water to create soft washes. However, because the paint is reworkable, I was able to go back in once it was dry and soften and lift a bit, not back to white, but enough to add subtlety. NEXT ->