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Julie Starling's Gallery

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Opaque Flamingo (Interactive)

Project 3
It was only 1 o'clock at this point and I was still full of energy, so I opted to stay and do two more paintings. I decided that I would do opaque paintings in a straight-from-the-tube fashion on the watercolor paper. I transferred the drawing again and added some white to the plastic palette and began painting in Interactive. I mixed white into blue and laid in the sky, and then mixed white into the Yellow Ochre and painted the ground. The Arches paper is quite textured, so it took quite a bit of paint to cover it. I opted to make the background a little different this time, by adding in some large bushes and making the grasses shorter this time. I mixed a blue-green and laid in the bushes and then layered a variety of green on top to create the foliage and grasses. I proceeded next with painting the flamingo with mixtures of red, yellow, and white plus some blue for the shadow areas. I added some Burnt Umber around the foot to create a shadow and added some white and strokes of Yellow Ochre to add interest. I did not need to spray the palette, but I did opt to use the sprayer on the painting to soften edges and blend colors in. I liked the subtleties I was able to achieve. NEXT ->