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Julie Starling's Gallery

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Wedding Gazebo (Interactive)

Project 4
For the last experiment, I chose to go to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland, and do a knife painting on 11”x14” stretched canvas. I chose a long painting knife to use for the majority of the painting and a small rubber brush called a Colour Shaper for a few detail lines. After walking around for a bit, I settled on view of the Wedding Chapel from a shady spot on a low wall. Once I finished the drawing, I squeezed the Interactive out onto a paper palette and began mixing greens for the foreground. I worked with the colors I had, but kept wishing that I had Cerulean or Pthalo Blue, so that I could add in some bright cool greens.

It was hot out, so I did have to spray the palette as I worked. On the canvas, the paint stayed wet for good while, so I was able to paint wet in wet as much as I needed in an area before moving on. When I came back, I could opt to spray it and blend in a bit or just add some rougher strokes on top for texture. I liked that the paint dried with a raised impasto texture. Again, I had good control of hue, intensity, edges, so I was able to achieve the subtleties I desire. The painting was conveniently, mostly touch-dry on the way home. NEXT ->