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Julie Starling's Gallery

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Wedding Gazebo (Open)

Open, on the other hand, really didn't come through in this area. Sure the paint stayed wet on both canvas and palette, but trying to achieve control was an ongoing issue. The paint was so thin and slick, that trying to add in a line resulted in moving all the paint out of the way to reveal the canvas. It was impossible to stain underneath, so that you could do a reveal on top, and any dark line on top just wanted to blend into nothing or be scraped away. I couldn't get color intensity in the Burnt Umber at all. In the end, I got a painting that was something close to the first, but I felt that it took three times the work to get it there and that I couldn't get the brightness, highlights, or the subtleties I was after. Also, the impasto marks I made sank into the painting during the drying process. The painting stayed wet for the rest of the day.

Chroma Interactive worked well in all four projects, and is definitely the more versatile paint. It is reworkable, has a high pigment saturation, and can be used successfully with many different techniques.

I think that Golden is definitely targeting oil painters with Open. I think they are trying to tap off the water-mixable oil market and hoping to attract these I-like-my-paint-to-stay-wet painters who don't want to deal with solvents to their brand through Open. From my experience, Open feels like Golden's regular acrylic paint mixed with a gel, such as their Soft Gel or Acrylic Glazing Liquid, which stay wet a long time. This would account for the slippery feel of the paint and why it feels like an acrylic trying to act like an oil paint.

But there is a downside to having a paint that already has a a medium in it. Someone else has determined what medium is in it and the ratio. You can't reverse it and you can't go thicker if you need to. And adding a medium drops the pigment load, so you are locked into that too, which is why I couldn't get an intense area when I needed it.

But I think it is the viscosity that will be the ultimate problem. This slippery, slidy paint is nothing like oils out of the tube, even water-mixable. So only those who really like a lot medium in their paint are going to be interested.

Experienced acrylic painters are used to vivid pigments that mix cleanly and having lots of medium choices, so even if they would be interested in having a paint that stays wet longer, they will eventually find that Open is really geared best for those who really want a soft, blendy look.

I found that I could simulate the effect of Open in Interactive by mixing the first layer of paint with Impasto Gel. The advantage for me is that Impasto Gel sets up much sooner, so I can then go on to my next layer and make use of the intensity, color mixing, and reworkablility of the paint or add other mediums into it. END.